Telephone dial-in

Participate in video conferences by telephone

  • Optimum voice quality always and everywhere

  • Any number of participants

  • Simply add on

  • Can be cancelled monthly

Phone option

Even in times of fast internet, there are still regions that are only inadequately connected. Slow connection speeds and unstable connections are the result. This can also have a detrimental effect on the voice quality in the videoconference.

In order to nevertheless enable everyone to participate in optimal quality, EducateOnline offers you the option of telephone dial-in as an additional option.

Depending on how many people you want to enable to participate in videoconferences via your EducateOnline portal at the same time, there are different packages to choose from.

You will then receive one or more telephone number(s) for dial-in.
Together with a PIN, which you receive when planning your events, participants can then dial into the video conferences from anywhere with their telephone and thus benefit from optimal audio quality even under difficult conditions.

Of course, the telephone option is also useful if your headset breaks down or you want to take part in an event while travelling and there is no internet connection available.

Prices for the telephone dial-in option:

Number of persons participating simultaneously by telephone Price / month (plus VAT)
2 14,95€
10 22,95€
50 52,95€
100 99,99€

If you need the telephone option for a different number of participating persons, you can combine the above packages accordingly.

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