EducateOnline STARTER

For interactive online education events and videowebinars in the latest virtual classroom

Modernster Webkonferenzraum

Use your personalized all-in-one solution to easily conduct your self-managed online events and videowebinars in the latest virtual classroom .

You can upgrade to EducateOnline PRO oder EducateOnline PREMIUM any time and benefit from extended functions.

Easy online education course management management

Creation and scheduling of your online education event, videowebinars etc.

Meeting Management STARTER

It's so easy to realize your internal and external online education events and videowebinars with EducateOnline STARTER

  • Plan and manage your events in one single centralized view
  • Create new events with only a few steps
  • You invite your participants by yourself. Simply copy the participation link into your invitation emails
  • You can plan an unlimited number of meetings
  • If you recorded a session, the recording can then be found under "Finished meetings"
  • Recording download is possible
  • Of course you can delete any created meeting any time

Buy the STARTER version of your all-in-one live education solution with seamless upgrade possibility. You can then immediately create and conduct your first live education events and videowebinars.

You want more comfort for your events?

With EducateOnline PRO you get an extended education course management with calendar functionality, automatic invitation email dispatch and much more.