Why EducateOnline?

As a coach, consultant or training provider you can save considerable time by selling your services online. save considerable time.

With EducateOnline you get an affordable all-in-one solution that allows you to create, present create, present and successfully sell live and on-demand courses. sell.

Integrated Market

Offer your expert knowledge in webinars, courses and training directly in the EducateOnline Market.

Make your digital products and services available and enable your customers to make automated bookings.

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On-demand courses: learn at your own pace

Enable participants to learn at their own pace. Learners can set their own pace and repeat the course content as often as they like.
This not only promotes the compatibility of education with other areas of life, but also takes into account different learning styles and speeds.

With EducateOnline, you can not only integrate existing videos into the course, but also make new recordings of your courses directly - without additional software and expensive licences.

On-Demand Courses

Live online courses: real-time learning in the digital age

Use EducateOnline to present your webinars, courses and training sessions live to your customers.
Participants can ask questions, hold discussions and receive direct feedback in real time.

Thanks to the integrated virtual room, you no longer need any additional software integration.

Live-Online Courses

Cohort-based learning: The combination of the possibilities of eLearning

With EducateOnline, it is possible to go through the learning process (cohort) together as a learning group. Basics can be learnt on-demand at your own pace. Live events are ideal for exchanging ideas during exercises and case studies.

Learners can also consolidate what they have learnt in small groups through discussions. With EducateOnline, you combine the strengths of live and on-demand formats and thus optimally support the learning progress of your customers and employees.

All-in-One solution

offers everything from a single source for your online events of any kind. Precisely adapted to your requirements.
No need to use multiple apps then.

Certified GDPR compliance

EducateOnline is completely DSGVO-compliant with servers in Germany and order processing contracts.

Unkomplicated integration

EducateOnline as white-label solution has a modern architecture. This enables seamless integration into your website and IT landscape with your your corporate identity.

Completely web-based

EducateOnline is completely web-based for all user groups and can be used without software installation from anywhere via any end device. from any end device.

Inhouse service & support

EducateOnline does not leave you left out in the rain. Our in-house service and support will help you problems.

Transparent & inexpensive

EducateOnline is cheaper for businesses thanks to our no-name licensing model.

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Simple, intuitive and with little effort

Via your administration area you can intuitively maintain the content and configure the look & feel of your EducateOnline web solution. Feel of your EducateOnline web solution.

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