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In the EducateOnline classroom as the integral part of EducateOnline STARTER, PRO and PREMIUM

Web browser-based

Browser-based virtual classroom, no software installation necessary. Reliable VOIP telephony (high-quality, low-latency).
The EducateOnline web seminar room is compatible with common end devices. You can take part in meetings in the EducateOnline classroom with your PC or laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Integration of non-digital objects and media

With our document and object scanner EducateOnline LiveCam you can visualize your non-digital materials, handwritten notes and other objects live in the web conference room - without the hassle of scanning and uploading.

Whiteboard with touchscreen capability

With a touchscreen you can write and draw directly on the multi-user whiteboard.

Webcam and recording

All participants can share their webcam and are visible to all at the same time.
If necessary, the event can be recorded and played back later.

Web Conferencing

Group work with Breakout rooms

You can group your participants and assign them to up to eight breakout rooms for a certain period of time.

Learn together via desktop sharing

Just share your screen or individual applications. All participants will be able to see your activities on their devices. Access for third parties is of course not possible.

Teach and learn together on a multi-user whiteboard

Upload your documents (PDF, Office files, etc.) to the whiteboard with one click. You can then discuss the presentation together and make remarks using the whiteboard tool palette.

Customizable, multilingual, secure

The virtual classroom currently supports 50 languages. Communication takes place securely via https.


Live polls, tests & feedback

During the web conference (course, training, seminar etc.), live surveys and tests can be carried out and participant feedback can be obtained.


Ongoing participant feedback via status icons: request to speak, absence, approval, rejection. The moderator can exclude participants, mute participants, grant speaker rights etc.

Private and public chat rooms are available.

Learning progress checks

Create questionnaires and tests for monitoring the learning progress of participants.

System requirements

Software: Current Internet Browser

Runs on every device
Without software installation

Integrate into your website,
Customer specific customisations

GDPR compliant, Servers in Germany

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GDPR compliance

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Perfect online collaboration with EducateOnline LiveCam in combination with our web seminar room

Only with us you can learn online as if you were sitting together!

EducateOnline LiveCam EducateOnline-LiveCam

Tutors and students can easily sketch and explain things by hand on normal paper. Everything that happens under the lens of DocuSans is displayed live in the web conference room

3D Objects 3D objects can be presented and explained live in the virtual classroom

Non-digital materials (extracts from product catalogs, magazines, etc.) can be displayed live in the virtual classroom and included in the online event - without the hassle of scanning and uploading

With our EducateOnline LiveCam, you can virtually “look over the shoulder” of each other, if necessary, and thus work together and learn perfectly, as if the participants were sitting together

You can order the EducateOnlineLiveCam when you buy your solution or you can order it later. Of course, you can fully use EducateOnline without the EducateOnline LiveCam.