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The virtual classroom

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Tablet, Smartphone, Desktop

Web browser-based and device-independent

  • Web browser based virtual classroom with HD video, Low Latency Voice and reliable VOIP telephony

  • No software installation necessary

  • Compatible with common end devices (PC, smartphone, tablet)

Webcam, Recording and Playback

  • Participants can share their webcam and are visible to everyone at the same time

  • With your own webcam background images

  • Recording of the events for later playback and download

  • Possibility of live transcription of audio data. This function is currently supported by Google Chrome, MS Edge and Safari.

virtual classroom

Group work with breakout rooms and shared notes

  • Group participants together in groups and place them in group rooms for a fixed time for a fixed period of time - for better co-operation

  • Joint creation of notes and export in several formats (Word, Html, Pdf etc.)

Working together working with desktop sharing

  • Sharing the entire screen or individual applications

  • Participants can track activities on track activities on your PC

  • Access from outside is of course not possible

Customisable, multilingual, secure

  • Virtual classroom currently supports 60 languages

Different layouts in virtual room

Flexible layout

Participants can easily choose a suitable layout

Moderators can broadcast a specific layout to all to all participants and thus synchronise the virtual room

No more confusion due to different layouts layouts

Multi-User whiteboard

Our multi-user whiteboard for creative collaboration - the perfect complement to video conferencing software

For optimal online collaboration - as if you were sitting you are sitting together.

  • Easily upload and share documents (PDF, Office files, etc.)

  • Add annotations to the presentation via the whiteboard tool palette

  • Draw and write directly on the whiteboard with a stylus (assuming touch-screen capable monitor)

  • Local storage of the whiteboard content

  • Sharing the whiteboard with all participants

Live Polls

Live Polls

  • Conducting polls and tests during the live event

  • Anonymous Polls

  • Customised polls: Write the question the question and the answer option(s) of the poll in the predefined format or select a text file with the questions and questions and answer option(s) via drag & drop

  • Select random participant


  • Participant feedback via status icon: Request to speak, absence, approval, rejection, etc.

  • Moderators can exclude people, mute them, give them the right to speak, etc.

  • Private and public Chat rooms

Virtual Room Rights Virtual Room Settings

Settings and rights control

  • Notifications: Audio and/or pop-up hint for chat messages, participant entry, participant leaves the room, raise hand

  • Data saving mode

  • Dark mode

  • Audio filter for the microphone

  • Language selection (60 languages)

  • Guest access rule: Ask moderator, Always accept, always refuse

  • Participant privileges: Restriction / Release

Learning Dashboard Details

Learning Dashboard

The activities of the current course/seminar are presented bundled as a dashboard.

You can see here, for example:

  • When and for how long users were connected

  • How long was spoken

  • How long the webcam has been shared

  • Number of messages, emojis and hand lift

  • Poll results

Optimal suitable for hybrid events

The virtual classroom from EducateOnline based on BigBlueButton is ideally suited for hybrid events. events


All participants can use two webcams use. For example, the speaker can point one camera at on themselves and another camera on an analogue board in the meeting room on site, for example. in the meeting room on site.

Instead of an analogue whiteboard, a touch-capable touch-enabled monitor in the on-site meeting room can also be used as a digital board can also be used as a digital board for hybrid events.

This allows the speakers and participants to be participants can write, sketch and collaborate simultaneously on site and remotely. write, sketch and collaborate at the same time.

Hybrid events with EducateOnline

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