Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is EducateOnline completely web based without additional software?

Yes, EducateOnline is completely web-based, no software installation is required. You only need an up-to-date web browser.
Please note that this applies to all participating persons (i.e. also to the moderators and speakers).

Unlimited presenters / moderators without extra fees - is that possible?

Yes, with EducateOnline you can create any person as a moderator. Events in the web conference room can be moderated by all your all of your employees.
The usual naming of fixed persons does not take place with EducateOnline.
Also, there is no obligation to be present. Moderators can start the web conference room and leave it at any time. The online event is not limited in time or won't even be terminated.

Sample calculation based on EducateOnline STARTER with five authorized persons (users) for planning and execution:

Provider Number of users Required licenses Price / license
per month
Price for
12 months
EducateOnline 5 1 12.99 € 155.88 €
Others 5 5 11,60 € 696.00 €

Do the prices always apply to a virtual room with adjoining rooms and how many events can I hold?

The prices always apply to a virtual room / month with currently eight break-out rooms.
These are available at any time for holding as many events as you wish.
If you would like to hold several overlapping events, you will need a corresponding number of virtual rooms.

Do I need a credit card to test EducateOnline?

No, no credit card is required. Name and email address are sufficient.
Simply register and get started right away!

Do I have to cancel my test account after the test period?

You do not need to cancel. After the end of the trial period, your account will be automatically deleted.
Before the trial period expires, you will automatically be reminded and can very easily purchase the licence for seamless productive use.

Can I simply change my package?

Yes, you can upgrade during the test phase and also later at any time.

What is the difference between users that are created via the user administration and contacts that you create via the profile menu in your address book?

Each user created by the administrator via the user administration receives his or her own access to your to your platform as a participant, organiser, administrator or or instructor (only in EducateOnline Premium).
Every user has his own address book (Profile -> Address book), in which he can can enter their own contacts.
In this way, you can simply the attendees from your contacts in your address book when from your contacts in your address book.
However, the contacts in the address book, however, do not have access to the platform. Unless they have also been created as users via the user management.

Are there breakout rooms in EducateOnline?

Up to 8 breakout rooms can be created in a virtual room. (group rooms) can be created in a virtual room.

The moderator can assign participants to group rooms explicitly or randomly.
Or it is left to left to the participants to choose a room themselves. Facilitators can go to all rooms.

Is it possible for a user registered in my account to hold a second meeting at the same time?

Yes, this is possible if you have purchased two virtual rooms.
If you want to hold simultaneous or overlapping conferences, you need a corresponding number of virtual rooms.

Is there a difference between presenter and facilitator in the virtual room?

The presenter holds the presentation and has access to the toolbar and can upload presentations.
However, only the moderator can restrict/release participant rights and upgrade participants to "presenter" or downgrade them to "viewer".
The moderator can also be the presenter.

Is it possible to upload files before the meeting and keep them for a second meeting?

You can start the virtual room 30 minutes before the meeting date and upload your files.
At the moment is not possible to kepp them for a second meeting.
In addition you have the option of uploading a presentation in the admin area (Preferences for events), which is immediately displayed in the virtual room by default.

In our PRO version you also have the option of to upload a presentation when you create a meeting, which is automatically loaded into the virtual room at the start of the meeting.

Should I as administrator get ill, a participant can take over this function?

You can give each user administration rights via the user administration.

In our PRO version, you can make appointments available for other users to take over by using the "calendar sharing" function. In addition, you can also grant individual participants the right of moderation in advance. These persons are then also authorised to start your meetings.

How do I get the EducateOnline advert out of the system for good so that this slide does not appear again and again?

You can log in 30 minutes before the start of the meeting and upload your own slide.

Instead of the EducateOnline slide, you have the option - in the admin area - to upload your own slide, which is then immediately displayed in the virtual room.

How can participants download the documents?

You upload the file as a presentation in the virtual room with the option to download. Then the participants see a small arrow on the left of the presentation and can download the file.

Can participants also upload files directly in the virtual room, which can be downloaded by the other participants?

Each participant can upload files if you make the participant the presenter. If the files are uploaded with the download option, the participants can download them..

Can participants be imported, e.g. via a CSV interface?

Yes, you can, for example, import users into the address book in your profile, which you can select later when creating an appointment.
Another possibility is to upload a CSV file with participant data when creating an appointment.

What to bear in mind when using mobile phones or tablets?

Please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox or Safari on iPad/iPhone as your browser and observe the security settings on the devices.

Is EducateOnline GDPR compliant and is my data protected??

Yes, EducateOnline is DSGVO compliant. All servers, including the STUN and TURN servers, are located in German data centres.
You can conclude an order processing contract with us at any time.
Your data is transmitted SSL-encrypted and stored according to the German data protection standard.

Can someone - unintended by me - join the "meeting room"?

No, the link for access to the meeting room is unique.
The organiser distributes the link and only those people who have a valid link can enter the meeting room.
The link loses its validity immediately after the meeting.

Tip for more security:
Via the settings in the virtual room (top right) you can change the settings so that you are warned as follows:

  • Audio warning tone when new participants enter the room
  • .
  • Pop-up message when new participants enter the room