Sign digitally directly in the web conference

Digital Signature

Documents are uploaded and can be conveniently and legally securely on any device with diContract-Sign. This saves paper, time and effort.

The eSignature component is seamlessly integrated into EducateOnline. This allows any document to be signed and a contract to be concluded directly during the consultation in the web conference or afterwards. The signature is done with the finger on smartphones or tablets. Separate tools and pens are thus superfluous.

Digital Signature

Secure according to European eIDAS standard

The advanced digital signature diContract-Sign is legally secure and DSGVO-compliant. According to the European standard for digital signatures eIDAS, the signature is verifiable. In the signature, biometric identifiers of the signatory are recorded and assigned to the device. diContract-Sign thus complies with the eIDAS regulation and assigns the advanced electronic signature directly to the signatory. The company is clearly identifiable. A subsequent change of the signature in the document is impossible.

Please contact our Sales team, if you are interested in the Digital Signature option.