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How you realize your
online education events with EducateOnline PREMIUM


SMEs & major companies: Internal and external education and trainings
Vocational schools & universities: Online seminars, lectures, presentations
Pupils & students: Online learning portal
Cram schools: Online coaching

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Create, publish and manage internal and external education events

It's so easy to realize your internal and external online education events

Online knowledge management

Increase participation of your employees/customers in building up and transfer know-how directly via the virtual classroom and with the help of a knowledge database.

You as portal owner and your admin users can

  • Create topic oriented know-how databases
  • Clear documents or suggestions: Your users can submit topic suggestions with documents, that you can reject or accept for publishing.
  • Realize know-how transfer events in the web conference room

Your employees can

  • Pass their know-how to others in the web conferencing room on their own
  • Search for and download documents and templates
  • Upload own documents in a structured form

Your customers can

  • Download documents (i.e. product Sheets, whitepapers etc.)
  • Participate in your videowebinars
  • Give feedback for your events
  • Upload own documents, that you as portal owner can evaluate and clear for publishing
Know-How-DB (Verwaltung) Know-How-DB

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