Online meetings, online seminars and hybrid teaching

With the video conferencing software from EducateOnline

Teach and learn with video conferencing software from EducateOnline

EducateOnline accompanies you through the entire process of your educational event. The special feature of EducateOnline is the holistic all-in-one solution. You get different functionalities for videoconferencing, planning, administration and learning management system with one single tool.

Access a wide range of features in your video conferences and increase interaction and learning.

Play it safe

We attach great importance to data security. We offer complete GDPR compliance and SSL encryption. EducateOnline is hosted exclusively on servers in German data centres.

Web-based and device-independent

EducateOnline can be used directly in your browser without installing any software and can be operated via any terminal device. Lower barriers and increase participation and readiness.

Minimise administrative effort

EducateOnline takes most of the administration and organisation off your hands with automated processes for bookings, invoicing and cancellations.

Try the videoconference without installing EducateOnline directly free of charge and in detail for 14 days!

EducateOnline offers a customised Video conferencing system

Intuitively operable and user-friendly

Basic functions are:

  • Interactive whiteboard

  • Record and download the video conference

  • Breakout rooms

  • Desktop sharing

  • Live polls and tests

The EducateOnline conference software is easy to understand and quick to use. The planning and implementation, as well as the interactive participation are almost self-explanatory.

Read here about more functions.

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